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Some of the events organized or participated by ICFT :

African Documentary Film Forum (ADFF), over the years, has become the African film rendezvous of the year. Launched by the President of ICFT, Ambassador Ousseini, Permanent Delegate of Niger to UNESCO, in collaboration with the Department of Cooperation and Cultural Action in Niger and the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture, the 7th edition of the African Documentary Film Forum was held in December 2012. It is necessary to point out the excellent level of the films, the strong interests of students in the film as well as the diligent and enthusiastic participation of the public;

Rome Film Festival : through 7 years, the Rome Film Festival has managed to establish itself as a leading film rendezvous and ICFT will ensure its presence;

The 74th edition of the Festival and Congress of UNICA was held in 2012 in Ruse in Bulgaria with a message from Mme Irina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO. As in the past, International Jury awards the ICFT prize to the work testifying the values of tolerance and peace carried by UNESCO.

Festival of Paris on Amnesty International, Cinema Saint Andr des Arts : exchange of the information and documents on the themes endorsed to UNESCO such as human rights.

Festival "Signs of Change" organized by UNAFF (United Nations Film Festival) of the Stanford University. It is an itinerant festival which the last edition was held in Paris with the presentation of films and documentaries of high quality, some of which presented by ARTE;

Busto Arsizio Film Festival (BAFF) : It is a festival born in 2003 in order to valorize the Italian high-quality productions and with particular attention to the various players in the audiovisual sector. The demand of Busto Arsizio to be part of the Creative Cities of UNESCO in category "cinema" is being elaborated.

EUROVISIONI : Among the numerous European festivals devoted to audiovisuals, EUROVISIONI deals exclusively with the European market for television and film as well as their technological developments and their socio-cultural changes. The festival was born in 1987, at the time when the European television did not yet exist. Today, while tens of millions of European households have the possibility to receive and watch the same programs, the concept of European television matures.

EUROVISIONI, held annually, is an initiative promoted by a group of professionals in the European audiovisual sector. Since 1989, EUROVISIONI has become a cultural association. The issues addressed each year are chosen among those of greatest interest in the field of audiovisual and new technology.

OCCAM, since it was established, has engaged in helping the most disadvantaged community to benefit from the advantages offered by new technologies. This action is in line with the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. Particularly to be noted that the ICT viliages were built in emerging countries to facilitate the developmental process. In order to achieve this objective, a broad band satellite system has been set up to connect communities with international centers specialized in telemedecin, e-learning et e-governance, etc.

INFOPOVERTY World Conference : organised by OCCAM, in cooperation with ICFT, reunite more that 200 organizations which are connected with the Infoproverty network. In the course of this annual conference and in cooperation UNAFF, films were presented and awarded at the prestigious area of Tribeca.

Euro-Mediterranean Conference is organized each year in conjunction with the Venice Mostra by one of the most active members of ICFT, namely OCCAM. This Conference, which was held its 19th edition in September 2013, was again witness to the commitment of the international community and especially of the European Union in efforts to take into account the New Technologies of Communication and Information (ICT) in favor of development.

CAMERA, which is initiated by Observatory for Childrens Rights and European Commission, organized in 2013 in Morocco an event on Image and Child. Instructing or entertaining it, informing or she prescribing, the image is now present in every moment of our domestic and social life. Children are vulnerable, more vulnerable than the adults who have the ability of mastery or analysis. The event was chaired by Princess Lella Meyriem, President of the Observatory of Children's Rights, and hosted by Jean-Michel Arnold, President of CAMERA and Vice President of CICT. The event was a great success and will take place in several cities in Africa and Europe. It will be held in Algiers in 2014.

8th African Documentary Film Forum 2013

7th Rome Film Festival 2012

Infopoverty World Conference 2013
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Eurovisioni 2012

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