International Council for Film,Television
and Audiovisual Communication (ICFT)



Relation with the members of ICFT :

Several members of ICFT reward the best works of television and film at international festivals.

In order to support the production and distribution of film and television programs around the world, ICFT and its members organize seminars for producers, film directors and program managers.

In addition, they convene juries - always in the area of UNESCO's mandate, particularly in the context of intercultural dialogue - award prizes in the major international festivals.

Through colloquies and international conferences, ICFT members involve themselves in organizing the post-production contest for film, especially for the youngsters to ensure the conservation of cinema heritage.

Members of ICFT, aware of the existence of violence and wars which humanity suffers from, specialize in the development and promotion of the culture of peace through media.

In order to do so, these members participate actively in the international coordinations which carry out the programs and projects with specific focus on big events, reconciliatory gestures in the conflict zones and actions for peace.

ICFT defends rights and freedoms through advocacy, particularly in the world of media and digital communications. Particular attention is paid to education in media.

Therefore, with the cooperation of its members, ICFT uses the opportunities offered to them to put pressure on major global bodies and during important global and regional meetings to act on behalf of human rights, justice, peace and international understanding.

Soirée Méliès - 100 ans of Journey to the Moon
Mr. Matsuura, former Director General of UNESCO
and Ms Malthète Méliès (granddaughter of Méliès)
et Bahman Ghobadi, Iranian film director
Juin 2002

« Science sur la Place »
Place Saint Marc, Venise
Co-organized by la Radio Tlvision Italienne,
les Rencontres internationales Image et Science
and ICFT

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