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Cinemalaya Philippine Independent Film Festival



Location: Philippine
Founding year: 2005

The film festival is held annually in the month of July at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. Its aim is the development and promotion of Filipino independent films.
The film festival is organized by the Cinemalaya Foundation, with the support of the Cultural Center of the Philippines and Econolink Investments, Inc.
Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival and Competition provide financial grants for the production of, at most, 10 full-length feature films which will then compete for the Best Full-length Film award. It also awards financial grants to the production of five full length feature films by veteran directors in the Directors Showcase category. The Cinemalaya competition also recognizes the work of short filmmakers.
The Cinemalaya Independent Film Congress is an important component of the Festival, providing a venue for interaction and dialogue between alternative filmmakers and those in the mainstream.