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Sahara International Film Festival



Location: Sahara
Founding year: 2003
Contact: Marʬa Carriʫn (+34) 654-469 799

The Sahara International Film Festival, also known as FISahara, is an annual event which takes place in the Sahrawi refugee camps, at the South West corner of Algeria, near the border with Western Sahara.
The festival has the two-fold aim of providing cultural entertainment and educational opportunities to refugees, and of raising awareness of the plight of the Sahrawi people, who have been exiled from their native western Sahara for more than three decades.
The White Camel is the festival's highest prize, awarded for the best film by election of the spectators. It consists on a white female camel, which is traditionally donated to the refugee family who had hosted the actors or director of the winner film during the festival. Instead, the winners take with them home a trophy depicting a white camel and a desert rose.